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MindPro has several types of digital media provided in various formats. This media may be displayed individually or combined within Coaching Packets and Module Groups to form subject specific mini-curriculums. All instructional steps are presented in their proper learning sequence within these groups. Please view the MindPro Tutorial for more details on navigating MindPro.

Below is a brief description of each type of media and its corresponding icon for quick identification.

MindPro Media Definitions

       Instruction Video
       Provides lecture type knowledge, utilizing over-the-experts-shoulder-style instruction

       Expansion Video
       Builds upon what was learned in the instruction videos by using animations, simulations and examples to expand scope and depth

       Application Video
       Application videos that don't pertain to Excel or Minitab

       Excel Video
       Illustrates how the central idea is put into application utilizing Excel

       Minitab Video
       Illustrates how the central idea is put into application utilizing Minitab

       JMP Video
       Illustrates how the central idea is put into application utilizing JMP

       Reference Document
       Text and image documents used for reference materials

       Excel File
       Downloadable Excel file often used for simulators, calculators and case study data

       Excel Exercise
       Downloadable Excel Exercises used to enhance student learning

       Text Content
       Textual content often directing students’ actions, typically found in custom programs

       Web Link
       Web URL’s directing students, typically found in custom programs

MindPro System Requirements

MindPro requires Adobe Reader to view the documents. Links are provided below to install the latest versions.

MindPro Videos are provided in MP4 format which allows the video to run on most pc’s, tablet devices and portable devices.

On a desktop or laptop computers, it is recommend that the internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc) be updated to latest version.

JavaScript and ActiveX must be enabled in your browser security settings and a high speed internet connection is highly recommended to view the video media.

Although not a system requirement for the operation of MindPro, some programs require the use of Microsoft Excel, and Minitab or JMP statistical software to ensure complete knowledge transfer occurs for the selected program.

Download Adobe Reader
Download Adobe Reader

MindPro Technical Support

Office: 480 515-0890
E-mail: [email protected]