MindPro Revision History

Version Date Implemented Changes
3.00 2015-07-15 Digital Training Project
- Instructor Case Study
- Candidate Case Study
- Training Project Exam Workbook for both Minitab 17 and JMP 12
JMP Application Videos Added
User Account Added for Self Support and Common Questions
Bookmarks Added
User Tracking available by both Bookmark and Last Access
Cascading Videos in Training Program
Automatic User Logout after three hours
Numbering added to Certificates
Digital Badges
Testing Security
Advanced Exercises
Advanced Templates
2.00 2013-09-11 Videos no longer require QuickTime Player.
1.11 2007-09-20 Login system updated.
Client side revision history added.
1.10 2007-07-13 Look and Feel changes.
Exercises implemented.
1.00 2007-06-19 Initial launch.